Ambition Worldwide started as a simple yet stylish streetwear line in New York City - drawing attention from fashion and entertainment industry insiders like director Spike Lee and stylists for Fox's hit-series, Empire, some of whom became early aficionados of the brand.

According to Ambition Worldwide's founder and creative director Devin Lee, "Initially my late business partner and I, both hailing from NY, focused our efforts into something that would capture that New York aesthetic. But after his passing, and in some ways because of it, I've had to reconsider how the brand embodies so much more than just one city. 'Ambition' is already baked into its DNA, and I felt that attitude would resonate with so many different types of people, each with a unique story, purpose and background - wherever they may live. He continues, "as I honed the look and technical aspects of each piece, I wanted to make sure it was a label I could be proud of."

The line draws inspiration for its color palette from the Mets and NY State flag, including the 'World's Fair button-up shirt' that features the print of an image Lee took and puts his personal stamp on the design. The Unisphere on the back of the tees is a symbol for Queens and is the borough's claim to fame in terms of iconography and landscape. The launch collection is lovingly created as a homage to Devin's home in New York.